Commentary on Political Economy

Thursday 2 November 2023


 Obviously, fanaticism alone cannot make Hamas's genocidal project succeed. There is, however, no prospect whatsoever of Hamas abandoning its exterminationist objective, which is now as firmly entrenchedintheIslamist identity as eliminating the Jews was in that of the Nazis. Nor is there any reason to believe Hamas will, for so long as it survives, resile from its goal of making Israelis' daily life a nightmare, in which the fear of death and destruction pervades every aspect of existence.

Today's battle in the Middle East is therefore not a clash of civilisations; it is a war that has been developing for more than a century between civilisation and exterminationist barbarism. Unless and until that barbarism is comprehensively defeated this world of ours will know no peace.

- Dr. Henry Ergas in The Australian newspaper.

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