Sunday, 9 February 2020


This is the best the Financial Times can do when addressing the maleficent truculent Han Chinese Butchers of Beijing:

"Hundreds of millions of people have been raised from poverty as the country vaulted up the league table of economies to become the world’s second largest after the US. Much of this was achieved through the agency of a strongly centralised power structure that was able to mobilise vast resources to build infrastructure and push through disruptive reforms. But as people become wealthier, they thirst not only for material well-being but also for dignity."

First of all, China is not a "country"! It is an Empire ruled with truculent ruthlessness by a tiny minority of Han Chinese Rats that have the full complicit criminal support of nearly all of their People.

Secondly, the Chinese Empire remains one of the poorest nations on Earth! Even at 60% of US GDP per capita, given that the Empire's population is nearly 5 times that of the US, Han Chinese Rat vermin are still less than 10% of GDP per capita for the US!

Thirdly, "the mobilisation of vast resources" was administered and imposed (not "achieved", you foul bastards!) by the Butchers of Beijing and their Communist Party Han Chinese henchmen by expropriating all other races in the Empire and herding them into vast conurbations where they live like Rats in cramped circumstances, without any property rights and no land or food to fall back upon, prone to cataclysmic disasters like the one they are facing now! If anything, this vermin should be pitied, not praised, for living a miserable existence like rotten slaves and filthy rats, ravenously and rapaciously seeking to arrogate to themselves whatever resources other earthly people and nations have!

Finally, because it is not true that these people are "wealthy", it is also entirely and damningly false for the foul Editorial Board to suggest that "they ask for dignity"! The vile Han Chinese Rat Race would not know "dignity" if it fell upon them like the cracking heavens! What the vile Han Chinese truly desire is domination over one another and above all over other human peoples and the wealth of their nations! And what they currently bemoan is not the loss of dignity - heavens forbid, that is just laughable! 

What they curse is their ill fate in yet again being unable to dominate the rest of humanity - and the bitter realisation that they will remain a people of slaves for a long time yet to come and perhaps for all time! Having been deluded by the Butchers of Beijing that they were the Master Race and that their time for world domination had finally come, the vile verminous Han Chinese Rat Race once again has to stare at defeat and come to terms with the realisation that they remain always and everywhere a vile race of rodent verminous slaves drowning in excrement and dying in diseased sewers - as they munificently deserve! 

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