Saturday, 24 August 2019


We have argued earlier: Identity Politics is a mixture – a congeries, if you like – of guilt (self-doubt, remorse, self-flagellation), on one side, and of cowardice (fear to confront and uphold those very values that induce guilt, fear to confront one’s mortal enemies, thereby betraying oneself by sharing the enemy values instead). Europeans are masters at Identity Politics – the European Left, that is. Not for nothing “the Stockholm Syndrome” whereby victims of horrendous crimes come to forgive their enemies and indeed (horror of horrors) even to espouse and champion their values – not for nothing this syndrome is named after a European capital!

In the latest iteration of the Stockholm Syndrome, you will hear – surely you have already heard ad nauseam – all sorts of pundits, from the most verminous excrementitious “green-left” imbeciles that still people the Earth to the equally if not more culpable acolytes, myrmidons and servants of the haute bourgeoisie who of “high” only have their incomes and assets but nothing else – you will have heard these sorry excuses for human beings that President Trump’s tariffs against the Chinese Dictatorship and its People (the Han Chinese Rats) – that these measures are “harmful” in the sense that “no-one benefits from them”. The ready answer is: of course, they are! Wake up, you pathetic mephitic morons! This is a War! And wars never benefit anyone – not even the victors. Of course, you pack of imbeciles! You unworthy maggots, slaves!

No-one benefits from wars! The true and only question is: is this a war we must declare and pursue at whatever cost so that we may secure and perpetuate our Freedom against an evil Han Chinese Dictatorship and its People (!) whose every slavish repulsive cell is aimed at replicating their slavish domination over the rest of the globe? That is the real question. And if the answer is yes, then we must decide and quickly, first, to be firm and disciplined with Iron Resolve to combat, defeat, crush and forever annihilate, obliterate this Evil – wipe it off the face of the Earth once and for all! And the second thing we must do is to agree speedily and decisively what strategy and tactics to adopt to ensure that the Evil Han Chinese Dictatorship is literally neutralized, imprisoned and then decapitated – executed as were the Nazi rats at Nuremberg – so that we may finally rid ourselves of these worthless cancerous scum!

These are the questions we must answer. This is the resolve we need. Hic Rhodus, hic salta! Here is Rhodes. Here show your mettle!

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