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Saturday 10 August 2019

The Asiatisation of Life and Western Guilt

“Ich fühle mich schuldig, dass ich weiß bin". With these words, the German magazine Die Zeit publishes today an interview with a white European hotelier in Inuit territory. We have no intention to go into the details of the interview – just the title will do: “I feel guilty for being white”. Of course, Germans know a thing or two about collective guilt after the horror of the German Nazi Dictatorship. But what is the sense of feeling guilty for “being white”? That is like saying that “I feel guilty for being yellow” – it is a meaningless statement. If by “white” we intend the entirety of the Occident, of Western civilization and, more specifically, of Judaeo-Christian civilization – then there is a lot to be proud for being exclusively privy to the notion of “collective guilt”. As “Westerners” – black, white, pink or yellow – we should be proud of our being privy to this notion because the West alone – Judaeo-Christian civilization – through its religion has introduced this notion and applied it to itself collectively! There is a Freudian element of “neurosis”, here (cf. “Civilisation and Its Discontents”, where “discontents” is the wrong translation for “Neuroses” used by Freud). We, Westerners, positively display our neuroses – our inhibitions, hang-ups, self-doubt, torments – for our “sins of the past” – real, alleged or simply invented.

Western civilization is riddled with “guilt” – which is the by-product of two related mental faculties, memory and doubt. First, we remember; then, we doubt. Out of these two culturally specific operations arises the possibility of “remorse”. Remorse that, inevitably, means guilt – no guilt without remorse. But not vice versa! One can’t be remorseful without feeling guilty; yet, one can certainly feel remorseful or guilty… without being guilty! One can have, if you like, an excess of remorse and, thence, of guilt as well – and therefore a false feeling of guilt, to be sure.

As Nietzsche discovered – with the insight of insuperable genius and philosophical depth -, the distinctive characteristic of Western civilization – its defining moment – is the notion of collective guilt. The entirety of Nietzsche’s work after Beyond Good and Evil is devoted to penetrating, exposing and debunking the notion of “guilt” – or rather, the ability of Judaeo-Christian religion to overreach itself into an excess of guilt that leads to the suppression of the “free spirit”, into a paroxysm of pervasive self-doubt that undermines the assertiveness and implacable fierceness that Freedom requires. Assertiveness and fierceness, that is, against all the enemies of Freedom.

In the early twenty-first century, the West is surrounded by these enemies – starting with the murderous kleptocracy that is the Han Chinese Dictatorship. Some of us, gnawed by remorse for all the apprehended sins of the West, paralysed by guilt – real or imagined -, riven with the compelling urge to make amends for all the foregoing – some of us fail to perceive, to realise that when conscience and tolerance lead to paralysis and surrender in the face of Evil – why, then conscience (false conscience, false guilt) becomes the cause of the undoing of the very noble sentiments – of freedom and equality and justice for all – that it occasioned and impelled in the first place!

Guilt and remorse – the essential elements of “conscience” – arise ultimately out of a feeling of the need for Justice. But justice for what? Justice for the restoration of Freedom, for the emancipation of humans from Evil. It is bestially, culpably, contemptibly idiotic and pathetic – it is unworthy! – for people of all races and colours and cultural backgrounds to feel guilty and to seek to atone for their perceived past sins when in fact it is the ability to feel remorse and guilt – exclusive to the Occident, to the West – that demonstrates conclusively our superiority in comparison with other cultures – and therefore our need to preserve the Freedom and Justice, the necessary ingredients for Tolerance, that our exclusive notion of conscience, remorse and guilt have secured for us! No Tolerance is possible without Freedom and Justice! Freedom and Justice are intolerant by definition!

We cannot – we will not, we must not – tolerate Unfreedom and Injustice in the name of Tolerance! Yet that is exactly what all the miserable verminous maggots that seek pity and forgiveness for “being white” are asking every human being of every skin colour to accept! To accept injustice, oppression, even extermination – all in the name of their “conscience”! All to feed and satiate their insanely insatiable pangs of Guilt!

You Vermin! You Maggots! You Slaves! You are not worthy of being human! You are not worthy of Life!

(We shall shortly deal with the all-important link between this false conscience of guilt disseminated by the Western bourgeoisie and its intelligentsia and the need for Western capitalism to impose on us what we have called “the Asiatisation of Life”.)

Last minute: By the way, Alastair Campbell is the latest pathetic imbecile to join the ranks of Western vermin with a Tribune post in Le Monde today where he gurgitates the latest feeble self-deprecatory mea culpa: "Trump and Johnson have in common to have profited from a world of post-truth and post-shame". And imbeciles like him have in common to genuflect before Evil in the name of "truth and shame", of course! Nietzsche would have so much fun with unworthy filthy cockroaches of Campbell's ilk! Friends will know that I do not mean any condescension toward Donald Trumpet and Boorish Johnson - yet neither do I seek forgiveness for my truth and my shame! - Lousy scum!) 


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