Commentary on Political Economy

Thursday 9 May 2019

The Han Chinese Evil Empire - An Explanation Coming Soon

I am entirely aware that an explanation for my virulent attacks on all things Chinese is owing. And it will be coming soon enough. It is entirely possible, of course, to characterise my stance as profoundly and worryingly racist, if not worse. But I feel that people ought to understand - and they fail to understand at the peril of our entire civilisation - that the Han Chinese, by vice of their history and culture and reverse genocidal racism, and of their affected revanchisme as against the West, pose a clear and present danger to our civilisation of far greater gravity and immediacy than did the Mongols, then the Ottomans and the Saracens before them. Only the German Dictatorship and the German people - culpable and eager accomplices in their truculent criminality - bear comparison with what the Han Chinese Empire has become. I was born amidst the debris of German Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe and Nazi devastation inflicted on Sicily during the last World War. Anybody who has ever seriously paid heed and reflected upon the horrors of criminal organisations intent on terrorising sections of their own populations and on enslaving if not exterminating other peoples (think of Tibet, Xinjiang, now Hong Kong, Taiwan next - and then?) must know that the Han Chinese Empire is an Evil that could easily and in short order surpass in bestiality and brutality anything that our sorry planet has ever witnessed and endured. Again, what we are confronting here is not just a threat or a mere contingency: what we are facing is the genocidal will to power of an entire race hell-bent on imposing its dominance over any people and territory that it can subdue and enslave. Sooner or later, as with the Nazis, we shall have to confront these beasts - and we must begin by thinking of them and treating them like beasts. Because it is only with such hatred that we shall nip this Evil in the bud, that we shall rapidly extirpate it. It is not enough to be good, as Christianity teaches - because to be good we must first resist and eradicate Evil. And to do that we must above all learn to hate our enemies with all the will and energy that we can muster. Cheers.

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