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Saturday 10 June 2023


 Of course the Russians did it. Blowing up Nova Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine last week was cowardly – Vladimir Putin’s long-planned response to what he fears is the start of Kyiv’s counteroffensive. Only Russians really had the means, motive and opportunity. Only this malevolent Kremlin regime would wilfully inflict human and environmental havoc on so vast a scale.

It’s impossible to prove at this point. And, of course, Putin’s loathsome sycophants lied about it, blaming Ukrainian self-sabotage. That’s what they do, these mobsters. They lied about the Russian-supplied missile that destroyed Flight MH17 over occupied Donbas in 2014. They lied about the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Putin lied blatantly about invading Ukraine, right up to the moment he did.

Putin, Lavrov, Medvedev, Shoigu, Peskov and the gang have been lying through their teeth ever since – even as their absurdly neo-imperial “special operation” imploded, Russia’s soldiers died in droves, Ukraine’s cities burned, and reports of war crimes piled up like tortured bodies in a Bucha basement. It’s pathological. They lie to the world, to their people, to themselves.

Where is the international fury over Kakhovka? The condemnation of US and European leaders seems almost routine, leaving who is responsible open to question. Western media politely parroted Russian lies, giving time and credence to Kremlin disinformation, as if bogus editorial balance matters more than state murder.

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