Commentary on Political Economy

Friday 9 June 2023


The Asiatization of Life - The Butchers of Beijing and the Western Bourgeoisie

We have argued at length on this space that the Western capitalist bourgeoisie has looked with languid envy at the way in which Oriental autocracies were able to subject their populations to degrees of enslavement and misery that were inoperable and seemingly unattainable in the West. What the Western bourgeoisie is seeking to do now, for the nth time, is nothing less than what we have called "the Asiatisation of Western society" - to reduce our proud culture of the pursuit of Freedom and Emancipation to something as miserable and flat as a Japanese tatami or a Chinese bowl of rice! Below is a clear illustration of how this process takes place in Hong Kong, even as the Western bourgeoisie nonchalantly looks the other way as the Butchers of Beijing plot the next murderous venture of "the People's Suppression Army".

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