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Monday 4 April 2022


Hong Kong's Top

Leader Election Is Wide

Open as Race Starts

The two-week nomination period opens

on Sunday with few clues

Carrie Lam's front-runner position in

doubt after Covid crisis

A quite unbelievable heading from Bloomberg. This is what I mean by "Western defeatism" - the kind of traitorous ideological and cultural surrender that, if it doesn't lead to our eventual enslavement by dictatorships, it will most certainly encourage and empower them to the extent that they can cause us severe physical damage, as Ukraine makes all too evident.

Here Bloomberg is suggesting that there is an actual real "race" for the election of the Hong Kong leadership. Yet we know with absolute certainty that no such "race" is remotely possible because the Hong Kong leadership will be decided in and by... Beijing!

I think that titles such as these amount to criminal conduct that ought to be punished severely - because it infringes against "free expression" by deceiving the readership and by undermining our resolve to fight dictatorships who, in the meantime, are allowed by our "liberal democracies" to spread lies and divide us.

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